HiPERFLOOR™ - Durable Polishing for Concrete Floors

We are happy to offer HiPERFLOOR™ by Husqvarna®, a complete concrete surface polishing system, which enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion resistance of concrete floors while reducing maintenance costs. HiPERFLOOR™ can radically transform a broad range of new and old concrete floors. By mechanically refining the already hard concrete surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, we can bring virtually any surface to a whole new level of beauty, functionality and strength. With different specified processes, a flooring solution can be tailored to fit any requirements - aesthetics, floor flatness, gloss and price.

Premium Finish

A decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors, HiPERFLOOR™ Premium Finish is an indoor application for showrooms, high-end real estate and areas where aesthetic properties that include flatness and reflectivity of the floor are a top priority. In addition to a reflective and decorative floor, functionality, ease of cleaning and low maintenance costs are some of the many added benefits of the HiPERFLOOR™ Premium Finish system.

Premium Finish polished concrete floor

The Benefits of A Premium Finish

  • Reflective and decorative finish
  • Floor flatness
  • Extremely high quality and durability
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Exceptionally resistant to abrasion

Commercial Finish

A medium-gloss finish for semi-exposed and low-exposed aggregate floors. It is an indoor application for retail areas, shop fronts and indoor public spaces. By choosing the HiPERFLOOR™ Commercial Finish, the result is a floor that is functional, easy to clean and low maintenance, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial Finish polished concrete floor

The Benefits of a Commercial Finish

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to wear and spills
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Minimal lifetime cost
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